Kobe, was definitely the biggest topic of the day! I was outside on the phone and had people coming out to tell everyone about the passing of Kobe Bryant. I came inside and it’s on the TV’s in the 2 TV rooms… as well as being discussed around every corner. As the day went on, it was talked about, on the sports networks, news networks and throughout the Grammy’s.

It’s really times and tragedies like this one, that remind us how death can reach out and touch everyone the same. Death does not discriminate, regardless of age, race, religion or social class! I mean, we all know that we’re born… we live… we die. But, we can almost lose perspective of that and be so caught off guard, when someone like this dies… not able to believe it could happen, like some are exempt!

It was this tragedy and all the discussions surrounding it, that got me to thinking about those I’ve lost and how much of an impact they’ve had on my life! When those people died, it was always the same…. there was an outpouring of emotion and it seemed like everyone knew that person and was personally affected by their death… how big a factor that person played, in their day to day lives… how dramatic it all is and how overwhelming it is… like it will change the course of life itself. We turn someone’s death into a competition of who knew them more or better, who was hurt more and who was gonna remember them more! So, now this unfortunate loss will be the topic of the hour… it could be a couple days, a couple weeks or a couple months?! But, like the passing of any others… the conversations and sadness begin to lessen and fade until we struggle to even remember.

I’m not saying any of this to be harsh or insensitive and I truly hope it isn’t taken like that… honestly, all death and loss is sad. What I am talking about is how we should take times like these to remember those who have passed, that meant the world to us or played real roles, in our lives! This is another instance of finding some good, in the very bad that is destined to happen in all our lives. By honoring those we’ve loved and lost, through our own thoughts and memories… and by continuing to keep those memories alive, by refusing to forget them.

There have been a few who were lost, that really continue to affect me, no matter how much time has followed. And even when I hate to admit it, I’ve fallen victim to the same “forgetfulness” and have had to be on myself to keep those memories alive & strong. Like many out there who have chosen to remember some of those fallen, through permanent ink… I have branded myself, forever, with a couple names of some lost way too early and way too young.

The 1st of which… Jamie Bassett, was lost when we were all in our teens… and this had a great affect, because of the friend he was and even worsened by the fact, that he was our 1st real close friend to pass, which created a hole that would soon grow much larger. Then, there was the tragic loss of our beloved, Jason Wyrembelski, whose death tore through a Family that was never able to fully recover or be pieced back together! After him, there were several deaths that were untimely and senseless… it wasn’t until a very good friend, William “Bill Bill” Downs, lost his life that I even allowed myself to care or feel again. This too was a very painful loss in my life, that had just gone on to tear at that hole which was almost too painful to bear at times! Again, after these losses… life continued on and deaths ultimately followed. I was hit by the sudden death of an old partner, Todd Sanchez… no matter any differences that popped up, at the end of the day, he was family. Most recently, Scotty Tremper lost a battle that took his life… again, a life lost way too young! As I had said, overtime the conversations and sadness begin to lessen and fade as we try to get on with living, until we struggle to even remember.

What’s worse is how the names I have inked in my skin, (to remember For Always) have begun to lessen and fade over the past 2 decades (plus)… causing me to struggle to even recognize what’s there. It seems like no matter what… whether by design or not, nature has a pattern that makes it difficult to remember those we lose! I’m sure this is all meant to help the living go on living and moving forward in their lives. Look, I understand that we have processes to go through, when dealing with death… whether its grieving or celebrating their lives… we all mourn how we mourn. Then, we’re always told that we need to “go on and move forward” and “keep on living”. I couldn’t agree more, but too often when we move on and try to get over those people we lost… we try and just forget them (whether intentionally or sub-consciously) and move on that way.

I just feel like this… if you were a person who impacted my life and if you were someone I love & respect, then I should continue to honor and celebrate you and not let others forget who you were , in life and to me… you should be “REMEMBERED”! And through these words, I hope to remember and celebrate, those I’ve lost… as well as inspire others to remember and celebrate their own lost loved ones!

… never to be forgotten!

Source of featured Image: Wikipedia Commons

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