Lately our life has been ruled by the Corona virus. It’s all that’s on the news, It’s what everyone is talking about, and It’s virtually changed the world. It’s effected the whole world in a way that most never even imagined was possible. This is something that I’m sure will be talked about for generations to come, as well as it should be. This should be a teaching experience to us all because it should have never gotten this far.

It’s been dictating, for the most part, how everything is ran at the facility that I’m at, and there aren’t even any cases of it here.

This is how things are where I’m at: There are 3 housing unit and there’s 4 floors, or “rocks” in each unit. For each meal they only call one rock at a time to go to the chow hall to eat. They only allow 2 people to sit at a 4 person table, even though the seats are only about 2 feet apart so it doesn’t meet the required 6 feet distancing. They wipe everything down before they let the next rock go. Before they call the first rock to chow they serve the people who have to go to health care for insulin and guys who have to go to early chow so they can go to their job. after all the units are done they also call diets and handicaps to eat for guys that have special diets and physical handicaps. so they have 14 rotations to serve in the chow hall. Here’s the catch though, they don’t open yard until after chow is done, and there aren’t any phones inside the unit so yard has to be open in order for us to be able to get on the phone. it’s cut our yard time down drastically which already stops us from being able to do anything outside that we enjoy, and also doesn’t allow us to talk to our loved ones.

They passed out 3 masks to every prisoner made out of a thick polyester material that we have to wear at all times outside of our cells. It’s hard to breath out of them because of how thick they are.

When I started writing this, there were NO positive cases here. Then someone made the “smart” decision to ride in almost 40 guys from another facility that’s heavily infected with positive cases to be quarantined in a unit at this facility. This unit is supposed to be segregated from the rest of the facility. There have been positive cases in general popuation here ever since then. Basically the MDOC knowingly and willingly brought the virus to a previously uninfected facility. It’s unimaginable that there could even possibly be a justified reason for this. As of right now, to the best of my knowledge, there are 2 units in the level 1 here that are on lockdown. Our big yard borders on the level 1 big yard with a few fences in between, and the last couple days when I go out I haven’t seen a single person out on the big yard. Yesterday I saw 3 co’s in full hazmat gear take 3 guys from level 1 and transport them tothe unit where the “quarantined” prisoners are that they decided to ride in.

I know a lot of the country is on “stay at home status” so hopefully this is relateable: Imagine that you’re relocated to a motel, and the government decided to appoint people to be responsible for your motel, bringing you everything you need because you can’t get it for yourself, and protecting you. Your health and well being are supposed to be their responsibility and priority. There are designated areas for each necessity, where you go to eat, where you shower, where you use the bathroom and sinks, where you can use the microwave, where you can use a computer, and you’re forced to use them at certain times and everyone else in the motel has to use them at the same time so you’re forced to be around them. There’s no such thing as social distancing because you all live in such close quarters. The same people who are responsible for protecting you decide to move a bunch of people into your motel who are sick and introduce you to a highly contagious illness. Not only will it probably make you sick, but there’s a real chance that it could kill you. You have no where to go, you can’t leave because they have fences around your motel and lock you in. That’s what it’s like to be in prison right now. There no where I can go and nothing I can do to escape this potential death sentence. If they don’t figure out something soon, they might as well start ordering boxes of body bags for us. At our last update 9 inmates have died, but who knows if they’re really telling us the truth. All of the information is controlled by the same people who decided to infect my facility, if they’re willing to get us infected why wouldn’t they lie to us?

There are some states that are allowing older inmates to be able to be released because of their age. Michigan is considering implementing something similar.The majority of the population that would fit the criteria to be released are lifers. So these guys get a break because they decided to do worse things than I did and get life in prison? How is it that guys who decided to rape, murder, and molest children get to be released into society when the things they did caused permanent effects, and the guy I stabbed 7 years ago was all healed a few months afterwards but I’ll have to stay in here because I’m not old enough?! What makes their life more valuable than mine? What about the fact that I had asthma and chronic lung problems as a child? They’re not talking about doing medical releases, they’re talking about doing elder releases. It’s dressed up as compassion but it’s discrimination, plain and simple.

I can only hope that this virus is something that gets resolved quickly and with the least amount of suffering.

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