I’m currently on LOP (loss of privileges) for a “substance abuse” ticket I caught in prison.

I had a problem with an officer when I had koolaid in a bottle (we have pop machines that we can buy pop out of that comes in plastic bottles). He said that he smelt fermentation and that’s all it took was the officers word to find me guilty. It’s my first class 1 ticket in over 3 years but they gave me 16 days loss of privileges for it.

I don’t mind the time to myself. I don’t have a cell mate right now, my last one got moved out and I haven’t gotten a new one yet. It’s a nice change of pace and has done me some good to be able to work on myself.

The other day I got woken up by the guards opening my door and cuffing me up to take me up to the control center for a “non routine strip search”.

After being strip searched I was told that they would be documenting all my tattoos. They were using a video camera going over all my tattoos. At this point one of the inspectors came in and started asking me questions. I told him that I didn’t have anything to say. He continued to ask me questions harassing me, to which I gave no response at all.

While he was doing this he had used a cell phone to take pictures of me, which to the best of my knowledge isn’t allowed. I don’t know what he’s doing with the pictures of me, or who he’s showing them to and there’s no reason the video camera they were already using wasn’t sufficient enough.

He informed me that I was never previously a suspect for a “security threat group” but that because I wouldn’t give him information he was going to put me on “security threat group” status and take my yard away in an attempt to coerce me to give him information.

Prisoners on “security threat group” status are only allowed 5 phone calls a week, don’t get to send outgoing jpays, can’t receive securepaks, get less visits per week, can’t have a job, can’t take any classes, can’t participate in any group recreational activities, and have limited times during the day that they’re allowed to be out of their cell.

These are all permanent sanctions while on that status. While this was happening my cell was being shook down. Stemming from this incident I received a misconduct for my “undocumented tattoos” which I’m waiting for my hearing on.

This couldn’t come at a worse time when I’m still waiting for the courts to rule on my motions for me to get back in court some time back. I know that I’ve gotta stay focused and just keep doing what I can to stay out of trouble and keep working on myself.

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