This has been a time of unprecedented hardships, brought on by an enemy… we can’t see. We struggle to fight and is being worsened by politics & stubbornness.

And as the months have drawn-on and people are getting more and more frustrated with the way things are being handled and with the lack of real answers –I believe that this is causing more people to take less precautions, to allow for them to regain some of those freedoms, that they’ve lost due to this Pandemic.

And believe me, I understand as well as I am truly empathetic to those feelings of frustration from the freedoms, that society has lost over the past 6-months. If there’s ever been a time of great-relatability, between free-society & those incarcerated, it’s been during 2020!

One thing that I know is relatable at least with a lot of people I know, is that many of us have been effected by the CORONA-VIRUS in one way or another. I thank God, that my family has been spared from this pandemic, but sadly, I can’t say the same for many of my friends… who’ve lost multiple people in their lives. As well as, about five people I was close to in prison, who lost their lives to this virus… they are included on the list below.

I know I had wrote one time about how the Departments had a sloppy & lazy process of dealing with this Pandemic and the staff (who’ve ultimately infected EVERY prisoner) has changed the 69 sentences below, to DEATH SENTENCES!

Unfortunately a persons life is not something you can retroactively correct! And instead of being proactive to a deadly situation… staff was continued to be allowed to go un-checked, for too long… which then created the rampant infections throughout many prisons, that led to the losses of life below.

Look, I’m angry about it as many are. Testing was done late and inconsistently when it came to staff. It was mandatory for us as prisoners, but was up to choice by staff — that is until recently and ONLY if there is already a positive case at that prison.

Which of course is too late… cuz it was already introduced! Makes no sense, huh?!? I could really go on and on about how I feel and the feelings of others who live in this “tinder-box”… hoping that viral-match never gets dropped in here! All I am doing is trying to put these names out there, so these human lives weren’t just forgotten or ignored by the masses.

I don’t know when there’ll be an end in sight, so that a new normal can be created and life can begin to move forward again?! Until then though… I just hope that ALL of us will continue to remember those who’ve suffered & lost during this Pandemic. And I ask you all to take a special moment to remember & reflect on those who’re incarcerated throughout our jail- & prison-systems… those same people who society, too easily & too often forgets.

People across Michigan took a moment to reflect and honor the lives of those who passed away due to COVID-19 today, as a memorial was held at Belle Isle in Detroit and was attended by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist.

To date, (September 1st, 2020) Michigan has tragically lost 6,480 lives to COVID-19, impacting communities and families across the state.

Today, we also pause to remember our colleagues, as well as prisoners whose lives were lost after contracting this virus. Our thoughts continue to be with their families, friends and all who knew them:

-Corrections Transportation Officer Damon Burton
-Rosetta Brown, a word processing assistant at the Lahser District Probation Office
-Corrections Officer Randy Rumler

The following is the list of prisoners who have also passed away due to Covid-19:

-Marcus Washington
-Eugene Shingle
-Roland Weeks
-George Dombrosis
-William Vogler
-Raymond Woodmansee
-Donald Campbell
-Joshua Carrizales
-Mark Webster
-Gregory Kelly
-Anthony Wright
-Sebryne Walthall
-Willie Slaughter
-Walter Jones
-Donald Gregory
-Joe Kearney
-Kendrick Lee
-Leonard Memminger
-Deano Whitley
-Rickey Brown
-David Haney
-Don Hairston
-Alvin Roberts
-Gail Wilson
-David Myers
-Warren Wright
-Michael Weaver
-Earl King
-Jerry Anderson
-Chester Kelly
-William Drew
-William Garrison
-Jack Earl
-Susan Farrell
-Dennis Jacobs
-Myron Taylor
-Dawn Yorke
-Jimmy Price
-William Lovett
-Dave Harris
-Richard Palombo
-Andre Woods
-Vaughn Rodgers
-Ursula Heard
-Hovord Gordon
-Henry Smith
-Larry Boise
-Edward Cramer
-William Turner
-Frank Colon
-Richard Owens
-John Thompson
-Bobby Haggitt
-Robert Layne
-Steven Samuelson
-Vernard Washington
-Gregory Heisler
-John McMillan
-John McArthur
-Michael Drielick
-Willie Jeffries
-Lawrence Sparks
-Jerome Golochawicz
-Daniel Sanders
-Gerald Aikens
-Llewellyn Lemons
-Alfred Brown
-James McGuff (“2 1/2”)
-Ruben Jordan

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