Today I woke up about 4 hours early at 8 am and went out to the big yard to run 3 miles. We have split yards because we’re still not supposed to have contact with the other units. They’ve been doing a good job sticking to the yard schedule now, and before they weren’t, which is why I haven’t been working out on a regular basis. Along with the mentality of making my life better that I wrote about at the beginning of the year, the covid restrictions are beginning to lift and I can get back to a more productive routine.

Besides the former unreliable yard schedule another thing that’s changed is that the law library is open again. I still haven’t heard anything back from the motions that I’ve filed because the court’s been shut down due to covid. In case something does happen and my motions get denied, there are still other steps that I can take and I can start preparing for what I need to do, just in case.

Its good to be able to feel like I’m working towards something again, instead of just wasting time and waiting. these are all things that will help keep me on a positive path, and having short term goals to work towards will be good for me. being on lockdown and having so much idle time due to covid made prolonged and unique circumstances that I haven’t had to deal with before. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve got to continue making positive changes and staying focused on the good, despite all the bad. better times are ahead.

The facility that I’m at has been labeled a “step down facility” for covid since. Everyone here has already tested positive. They’ve been riding a lot of guys in from other facilities that’s changed the dynamic of things. ever since I’ve been here its been more of an overall older population. That means things are more calm and laid back. They recently rode in a bunch of younger guys, some from level 4, which means that they’re used to a different environment and have a mentality. Sometimes moving to a different prison is like moving to a different city. The change with the new guys moving here means that the guards will have to try to set the standard of how they want things to be and will probably be more uptight. since I’ve been here and I already know how things go I don’t like that they’re going to be changing things. part of life is being adaptable, especially in here, so I’ll have to change with the circumstances.

I’ve been staying positive and keep working on the things that are important to me. things still aren’t easy but I know better times are ahead and I’m looking forward for when they come.

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